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It is very important to take risks from time to time. There is no safety in a “sure thing,” because as many people have learned throughout time, a failed sure thing can often lead to more disappointment than a risk. Taking a risk is always hard, and those who take risks are always doubted, but the success of one risk can make up for the failures of a million tries. I like to liken risk taking to a basketball game, the higher the risk of the shot the greater the reward, but a failed “easy” shot yields the same result as a failed three pointer. In my opinion, the best way to consider risk taking is to remember that the outcome of failure is no different, but the reward of success is much more splendid. To be honest, I feel as though I have taken far too few risks in my life. I know that I have not been around that long, but I have had my fair share of failures, and it seems like my failures have pushed me to “play it safe” far too often. Playing it safe can still get you where you want to be, but taking risks is what makes life a bit more colorful. I will most definitely be taking more risks in the near future. I know that it is impossible to plan out risks that will be taken, but if you try and take several “calculated risks” per year, you will find yourself extremely satisfied with the results of your successes.