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Last week was my worse week yet with only 7 out of 14 games correct for Week 10. The games of last week were extremely exciting as most of them were won within the last minute, or by a low score differential, I definitely didn’t expect to be as entertained as I was with the games. I fell like I would have had a better percentage of correct picks if the ball had a few favorable bounces, but I will make up for my poor picks with a perfect week this time. Tonight’s game features a showdown of two of the NFL’s least interesting teams, the Jaguars and the Titans, and I expect a Jaguars win in a blowout. Sunday is when all of the real excitement begins, as several teams will be fighting for position in an intriguing playoff race. The Rams will defeat the Ravens, The undefeated Panthers will beat the Redskins, and the Bears will defeat the Peyton Manning-less Broncos. The Cowboys will extend their losing streak to eight against the Dolphins, The Raiders will defeat the Lions, and the Jets will win against the Texans. The Falcons will return to their winning ways against the Colts, the Buccaneers will defeat the Eagles, and the Chiefs will win against the Chargers. In a battle for NFC North supremacy and prime playoff position, the surprisingly good Vikings will be taking on the reeling Packers. I expect the Vikings to come away with a huge home win over their long time rivals. The Seahawks will beat the 49ers in a low scoring matchup, and in the primetime games the Cardinals will defeat the Bengals, and the Bills will win against the undefeated Patriots in a huge upset. My picks are in, hopefully I can do much better than 50% this week and for the rest of the season.