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I was doing quite a bit of driving today, and as I found myself stuck in the annoyance that is traffic, I began to wonder if any situation could possibly be more annoying. In order to pass the time and keep my sanity, I decided to think of things that are more annoying than being stuck in New York City traffic, these are the top 10 things I could come up with. 

1. Being stuck in Los Angeles traffic

2. Being stuck in India’s traffic

3. A Chalkboard being scratched. 

4. Waiting in line at the DMV

5. Dropping a freshly made meal on the floor

6. Losing money 

7. Getting into a car accident

8. Flights getting delayed

9. Cancelled plans

10. Sales Calls

The list could honestly go on forever, but I guess the basic gist is that an annoying moment can always be trumped by another. Whenever I find myself in an annoying or painful situation, I like to remember that these times are temporary and that no matter what it could be worse. I am glad to say that I am finally out of traffic, and while that moment felt like it would last forever, now that it is gone it is once again nothing more than a bullet on the list of annoying situations.