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This afternoon while I was shopping, I realized that I a no longer had to take my wallet out of my pocket in order to pay for my items. With apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay, millions of smartphone users can now tap their phones at a pay station, and keep it moving with their items in hand. These mobile phone based payment systems are extremely convenient, and so far they are relatively safe, it is a wonder that we even use paper currency at all anymore. Today’s smartphones have the processing power of an older model computer, and the portability of a pocket watch, I just wonder if we can soon do away with the bulk of wallets and keys all together and just use our smartphones. These days there are basically apps that can do anything imaginable. It is possible to start a car, order food, and even find a new friend over the phone, however we still use paper currency and identification. I understand that many people don’t fully trust the digital advancements that are being introduced, and that apps are not perfect, but if we could slowly start to shift to a more digital norm, the changes would be less daunting to those who are afraid of the future. The biggest fear of those who are against digital payment systems is the fear of hackers, but with the security measures many companies have put in place, using a smartphone to pay is possibly safer than carrying a credit card. I am sure that the introduction of mobile payment options is just a start to what is planned for the future of a paperless planet, I just hope security measures can continue to improve in order to prevent the fears of many from coming true.