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Marvel and Netflix have done it again and created another perfect binge watching masterpiece. Jessica Jones is the newest Marvel superhero to grace the small screen, and while she was virtually unknown to most viewers I am sure this show has caused a boom in interest in this character. Earlier this year when marvel released Daredevil, they laid out plans to create a small screen connected universe of their lesser known properties. Jessica Jones is the second hero marvel decided to introduce, however I don’t know if Jessica can be considered very heroic in the standard sense of the term. The character of Jessica Jones is known for being a failed super hero who has relegated her life to alcoholism and a private investigation company. While the Netflix show delves deep into her alcoholism, it never shows her as a failed hero, but more as an underachiever who seems to be crumbling under the weight of her own talents. Jessica Jones is a show that is ripe with character development, as it quietly introduced somewhat in depth origin stories of several other lesser known Marvel properties while masterfully explaining what makes Jessica tick. Much like Daredevil, the show is made almost entirely on the sinister nature of the main villain, and the major external antagonist of Jessica Jones is a devious man named Killgrave. Killgrave is a psychotic, sociopathic individual, who has the power to compel others to do anything he wants, however he uses this power almost exclusively to torment Jessica into choosing to be with him. While the Killgrave of the comics was much more sinister than the version on the show, the writers perfectly portrayed how awful this individual’s perception of reality and morality actually is. Jessica Jones is a terrific show, it is a bit raunchy and extremely violent, but that is to be expected in the world of Netflix dramas. Each episode is almost an hour long, but the story flows seamlessly enough that it is easy to find yourself watching two or three episodes at a time. I was actually able to watch the entire season in one weekend, and while I enjoyed the show, I now have to face the realization that season two is going to be an entire year away.