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Thanksgiving is days away, and before I state what makes me thankful, I would like to take a moment to admire the bird of the hour, the turkey. A turkey is the bird that millions of Americans will be gathering around, but why exactly do we eat a turkey of all birds? I know that turkeys are delicious, and they are rather large birds so they can feed many, but I like to wonder what the day would be like if we just ate chicken or duck. One of the major reasons for turkey being eaten on thanksgiving is because, during the early years of this continent’s colonization, these birds were quite plentiful and native. The early celebrators of the holiday possibly had easy access to the birds, and due to the large size of these fowl, I’m sure they were extremely thankful for their bounty. While I don’t exactly like turkeys since they are known for chasing people around, I still find them quite tasty, so I definitely can’t wait to “dig in” this Thursday.