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Last week was my worst of all in terms of NFL picks, and based on the recent trend, my picks seem to be getting worse and worse. I managed to predict only six correct games out of fourteen, and if the tread holds true, I will only have five correct this week. I am still set on getting at least one perfect week this season so this week, with every team playing once again, I am determined to get it right. Week twelve of the NFL season starts with the great tradition that is Thanksgiving football. There are three games being played this Thanksgiving so I will be expecting a day full of football, food, and family. In the first game to be played, I expect the Lions to defeat the Eagles, and in the late afternoon matchup of the Cowboys and Panthers, I fully expect the Panthers to put up a large score and keep their undefeated season going. Game three of Thanksgiving is an NFC North matchup of the Bears and Packers, and while the Bears have played well as of late, they will fall to the Packers in this game. As for the first of the Sunday games the Bills will beat the Chiefs in a blowout, the Bengals will defeat the Rams, and the Texans will win a close game against the Saints. The surging Buccaneers will defeat the Colts, the Chargers will beat the Jaguars, and the Dolphins will defeat the Jets. The Vikings will win an interesting game against the Falcons, and in a pivotal game for the weak NFC East division title, the Giants will defeat the Redskins. The Raiders will beat the Titans, the Cardinals will dismantle the much weaker 49ers, and the Steelers will win a close game against the Seahawks. As for the primetime games, we start with an interesting matchup of the undefeated Patriots and the Broncos, I expect the Broncos defense to hold strong against the heavily injured Patriot lineup and get a big win. The Monday night game will be something of a snoozer as two teams with lost seasons look to battle for the bottom of their division. I expect the Ravens to win the final game of the week against the Browns, even though they will be playing short handed. There you have it for my week twelve picks, hopefully I can break the streak of terrible weeks, enjoy the extended Thanksgiving weekend everybody.