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The day after thanksgiving is known simply as “Black Friday,” it was traditionally the day when Christmas shopping was so prevalent that retailers finally made a profit or got their finances “in the black” for the year. These days Black Friday has become a day of huge sales and major discounts, so it has led to mobs of unruly shoppers and almost unbearable holiday hours for retail employees. I believe that the holidays are a time to spend with family so I have always been against stores opening on Thanksgiving, but as a frugal shopper, I love to take advantage of some of the available deals of the day. I have never waited in a line or rushed a store for a sale, but stopping into a shop and grabbing a chance deal is always great during the day. Many retailers have been trying for years to use this day to drive revenue while ensuring the safety of their shoppers, and while lines and lotteries have helped avert tragic events of the past, people are still too violent and aggressive these days. Shopping should not be a stressful or dangerous event, and holiday shopping should be about buying something special for your loved ones and not a sale. This year’s Black Friday has already been filled with stories of fights and mobs, and since I don’t plan on ever finding myself in a situation in which I have to fight for a tv, I think I will keep my major purchases to “Cyber Monday” sales.