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The Philladelpia 76ers now hold the record for longest losing steak of any team in any American professional sport. This team is currently 0 – 17 for the season, and they have lost 27 straight games dating back to the end of last season. The futility of this organization was once seen as a plot to amass a group of young talented number one picks, but that idea seems to have backfired in a terrible way. The Sixers seem to have nothing going for them at the moment, the team has had several early picks in the draft over the last decade, but injuries have left the team with many young players that have no position on the court. It doesn’t help that the team has drafted a center in consecutive drafts, and traded for another high draft pick that can essentially play the same position. The true issue with the 76ers is that they absolutely lack direction, this team is like a talented child that has no idea what they plan to do with their life. If the owner of this franchise ever wants to put a serviceable team on the court, they need to get new coaching, get a new GM, and get a plan of action. The 76ers have been losing for so long that it is their culture, I don’t expect the losing ways to end anytime soon, but anything is possible once a legitimate plan of action is put into place. I know it seems like a long shot, but the 76ers may be one management change away from being a championship team.