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In the year 2015 fuel economy is generally a standard when it comes to most vehicles, and while gas prices are pretty low, having a lower emission vehicle is helpful in saving some cash and the environment. I have been driving a hybrid car for about two years now, and I have to admit it has been a great change from the standard engine. Hybrid cars run quieter and use less gas than normal vehicles, so gas station trips are kept at a minimum. It also helps that living in NYC with a 25 mph speed limit keeps gas use incredibly low, the engine basically runs on electricity when the speed is that low. Cars these days are advancing at an incredible rate, and a current regular engine can keep up with the fuel economy of most older model hybrids, so the biggest issue I would say with a hybrid today is resale value. Since all cars are advancing quite rapidly, newer hybrids have almost twice the fuel economy of a four year old version, and with fully electric vehicles on the rise, it may not be worth the investment to purchase a hybrid at all these days. I love driving a hybrid, and I am glad to have owned one for these past few years, but with the rapid advancement of automotive technology, I will most likely have to make my future car a full electric vehicle if I want to save on gas as well as own a car with decent resale value.