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Last week’s NFL games were fun and almost all of them were actually exciting. I was especially intrigued by the endings of the primetime games on Sunday and Monday even though the game on Monday featured two of the league’s worst teams. I was correct on ten out of sixteen games this week, so while I still haven’t reached perfection, I am trending the right way and I am left with five weeks to go to hit my goal of a perfect week. The Week 13 games start with a surprisingly relevant matchup of the Packers and the Lions, and I expect the Lions to pull off a huge upset and win this game by a touchdown. As for Sunday, the Bills will defeat the Texans, the Dolphins will beat the Ravens, and the Bengals will take out the weak Browns team. The Bears will beat the 49ers, the Jaguars will defeat the Titans, and the Vikings will get a big win against the Seahawks. Sunday’s games are headlined by a rare inner city rivalry matchup of the Giants and the Jets, and as a Giants fan I will always pick the Giants in this match. The Cardinals will win a close game against the Rams, and the Buccaneers will upset the Falcons in what should be an interesting game. The afternoon games of this week feature some of the league’s best talent and these will be the games to watch for football fans. The Broncos will defeat the Chargers, the Raiders will defeat the Chiefs in a very close game, the Patriots will win a close one against the Eagles, and the undefeated Panthers will keep their record perfect against the Saints. The primetime games of this week may look boring, but after watching last week’s games I wouldn’t be surprised by a few interesting endings. The Steelers will win big against the Colts on Sunday night, and on Monday, the seemingly hapless Cowboys will play inspired football and get a win against the Redskins. With five weeks left in the season, every game counts, and this season is looking like it will end on an exciting high note.