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Racism is a belief that all people of a certain ethnicity fall into the same role, or are essentially the same. Racist people usually have negative beliefs about those who are different from them, and they allow their lives to revolve around that false belief as truth. It is sad to realize and hard to believe for some, but racism is heavily engrained into society today, it doesn’t really matter where or how but there seems to be no escape from the occasional run in with racism. I can admit that growing up as a child and even as an adult I have encountered racism, but I have never allowed it to have any type of lasting or even poignant effect on my life. In the grand scope of things racism is pretty insignificant, if someone can generalize an entire group based on a false belief, then they are not worth the time it takes to deal with their problems. Not to say that racism can’t be at times hurtful, but I have grown to treat it as the foolishness that it is, you don’t feed foolishness, you ignore it or treat it as it deserves to be treated. It is far too often often these days that people seem to take two extremely polarizing stances on racism, they either think it doesn’t exist, or they think it controls everything, but it is rare that people understand that it is there and actually take time to get around it. I understand that in some places on this planet, racism is so bad that it can be almost debilitating, but I am confident that there is always a way to free yourself from the confines of a terrible situation or belief. It is sad that in the age we live, people still hold on to such foolish beliefs about others, but I am sure that someday soon racism will be a thing of the past.