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It is generally known that only ten percent of an iceberg’s total mass is viewable over water, and while icebergs can sometimes seem large at the surface, they still hold much more under water. The same thing can be said about people, most times when you meet someone new, you won’t be able to know much about them until you dig deeper, but unfortunately, some people just aren’t that deep. This week I decided to try and contact an individual that I have known for some time, but we’ve never actually had a relationship. While I did get a better picture of who they are, I don’t exactly feel as though they were far off from who I thought they were. I had some misconceptions about this individual that were debunked by conversation, and others that were reinforced. The conversation basically ended with me having a better understanding of who this individual was, but also with me having no further desire to actually know more. While I did enjoy the conversation, I realized that there is little possibility for a lasting connection based on our incompatibilities. From this interaction I learned just how similar an iceberg and a person can be, we sometimes judge people before getting to know them, and while that is always the wrong way to approach, there may not always be more to see under the surface when it comes to people you get to know.