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For years and possibly centuries people have made claims of a gigantic, humanoid ape roaming around the woodlands if their region. In some places he is called the Sasquatch, some call it a Yeti, but it is most commonly known in North America as Bigfoot. Bigfoot is an urban legend or hoax that is widely believed and has been passed down by story tellers for years. I have never believed in the story of Bigfoot, but I have always wondered why and how anybody actually could. Stories of Bigfoot vary from encounters with ferocious manlike beasts to being captured by families of allegedly timid creatures, and while some of these tales have proved to be quite compelling, they don’t actually seem to corroborate the same story. I would probably believe there is a Bigfoot like creature roaming around the woods if all of the sightings sounded similar, but with the major differences in the narrative it is hard to fall for such a tale. I find it had to believe that in this technological age we live in, where an ant can be tracked via satellite, we can’t find a hairy seven foot tall creature roaming in the woods. Everyone has a smart phone these days, so if this creature actually exists, I expect to see some sort of visual proof in the near future. I know that some people out there fully believe in the legend of Bigfoot, but until this mythical creature is exposed, I will stay firmly planted in the camp of the unbeliever.