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The NFL is split into eight divisions, and every year each of these divisions is required to crown a champion. It is a given that the best team in the division will have earned the right to host a playoff game, but with the state of the NFC East, it is not only difficult, but also absurd to label any of the four teams a champion. The NFC East currently has three teams tied for first place, and the forth team is only one game back, that seems reasonable until you realize that all four of these teams have more losses than wins this season. The NFC East has been plagued with poor play and damaging injuries, and while some teams have managed to play relatively solid football, huge mistakes have cost this division many crucial games. I personally have a stake in the outcome of this division because my favorite team, the Giants, happens to be mired in the mess of “contenders” for the title. The Giants are quite possibly the most frustrating team in the NFL, as they have lost five games this season while holding a lead within the last 72 seconds. I understand that anything is possible when it comes to sports, but the NFC East has given football fans all over America a reason to shut off their televisions in disgust. The football season is winding down, and as this awful division fights feebly to decide a champion, all of the other NFL teams and fans will be left with the realization that a team with a losing record will be awarded with home field advantage for at least one game in the playoffs.