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Donald Trump is actually running for the Republican Presidential nomination, and I am just as shocked as anyone to see that he is legitimately following through with this proposed plan to be the next president. Trump is a famous businessman and pseudo-celebrity, who is known for having a loud mouth and speaking his “mind,” and while that works from a television standpoint, it is not exactly the ideal persona for the President of the United States. Donald Trump has more skeletons than anyone who has ever attempted to be president, and he is not even trying to hide them. Trump is trying to appeal to a section of the country that is fed up with being “politically correct’ and he seems to be succeeding mightily, but I feel as though this is all a huge social experiment or plot. It is clear that many people are tired of politicians so people like Trump are getting more attention than necessary, but can anyone honestly believe the ideas he is proposing? Some of the policies Trump speaks of directly violate the constitution and can be seen as extremely inflammatory. I understand that there are many that share views with “the Donald,” but in order for the country to succeed most people would have to agree with the leader, at least at the start of his campaign. I don’t think Donald Trump is honestly serious about his presidential run, because above all else, he is a businessman. This candidacy has brought enough publicity to fuel Trump’s interests for the next few decades, and the odd and sometimes outlandish opinions he has expressed have galvanized many to speak their minds. Trump knows this country is not a personal business, so I’m sure he will just continue to use politics to further his net worth before dropping out of the race, holding the affection of an impressionable voter base and the ability to give a huge endorsement.