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Last week was one of the most exciting weeks of the season so far. I managed to get nine out of my sixteen predictions correct, and most of them were with almost pinpoint accuracy. I still have a few more weeks to improve my pick percentage so I will get right into it. The first game of this week features two very good teams fighting for prime playoff position, I expect the Cardinals to defeat the Vikings by at least two touchdowns. On Sunday, I expect to see the Lions defeat the Rams, the Bears win against the Redskins, and the Bills winning over the Eagles. The NFL’s only remaining undefeated team, the Panthers, will face off against the Falcons who are currently on a five game losing streak, and I expect both streaks to remain intact. The 49ers will win a close game against the Browns, The Buccaneers will continue their hot streak with a win against the Saints, the Seahawks will beat the Ravens, and the Chiefs will get a big blowout win against the Chargers. The Jaguars will defeat the Colts, the Titans will win a close game against the Jets, and the Steelers will defeat the Bengals by a close margin in a huge divisional matchup. Sunday’s late afternoon games seem to be predictable enough, as we will see a couple of contenders facing off against weaker opposition. I expect the Broncos to win against the Raiders by less than a touchdown, and I believe the Packers will put up a huge score as they defeat the Cowboys. The Sunday night game pits the Texans against the heavily injured Patriots, who happen to be coming in with their first two game losing streak in years, I expect the Patriots to win this game, but they will make enough mistakes to keep it close. The last game of the week is going to be an important one for the Giants, as their season hinges on their ability to secure a win against the sometimes formidable Dolphins, the Giants will win this game and make a statement that they are better than they have been showing. There you have it for my week fourteen picks, I will definitely enjoy this week’s games, hopefully this will be the perfect week.