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It is becoming all too common an occurrence for blockbuster movies to release their initial trailers online only these days. It seems like the Internet revolution has finally begun to take over cinema. I am convinced that in the near future films will be simultaneously released in theaters and online but I guess that is a topic for another day. Today Fox released the trailer for their upcoming X-men film, and while I found it to be quite underwhelming, it doesn’t change the fact that more and more film makers are putting their initial trailers on the Internet for fans to get excited about. I was always used to catching the premiere of a trailer during the viewing of another blockbuster, and I always felt as though tying anticipated trailers to a current release helped drive ticket sales, but I guess the numbers just didn’t stack up. With sites like YouTube, it was becoming impossible for companies to keep their trailers from being leaked, so now it seems they are willing to post them directly to the source. By releasing trailers online, these film makers are not only controlling the hype around their film, but also creating extra publicity via social media. It is clear that the Internet has had a huge effect on media consumption in general, and as we shift to a more web based society, I expect to see much less of the old guard techniques in advertising and much more web only productions.