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This is probably the hottest December I can ever remember. Usually around this time of year we are wondering about whether we will have snow for Christmas, but this year’s Christmas will be a balmy 70 degrees. I guess the fact that we have Florida weather in NYC this Christmas saves money for those who travel to avoid the cold temperatures, but it does make it hard to get into the Holiday spirit when you can walk around in a summer t-shirt. This winter has been hectic to say the least, but at least we haven’t had to deal with shoveling of snow. Over the past few years the weather has been interesting, some people want to blame the change in climate on human actions, others want to blame it on natural occurrence, the only thing I can truly say about it is that we must be prepared to face the weather changes no matter what. If the change is indeed due to human actions, then I am not too certain that we can actually fix the problem at this point. I understand that most major industrialized countries are trying to use cleaner energy sources and reduce emissions, but until the cost of installing and maintaining these cleaner energy systems is reduced, it would be hard for many in this economy to adopt these new measures. If clean energy companies were more willing to use less expensive components, I think they would be able to expand to some newly industrializing third world countries. The question of whether humans are causing this problem is hotly debated, and unfortunately I don’t think we will ever definitively be able to state the cause, due to our incomplete picture of the life of our climate, but as for now we must try to get used to the “new seasons.” I am sure that normal winter weather will return before the end of January, so I will make sure that I enjoy wearing shorts in December while I wait for the inevitable return of the blistering cold.