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What do you get when you package everything you loved about the original Star Wars trilogy with a new mysterious adventure? You get Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first of the new trilogy and Disney’s first production of the movie. The Force Awakens is the perfect early Christmas gift to any Star Wars fan as it stays true to what we love about the original films, while adding just enough intrigue to keep us wanting more. I don’t want to spoil the movie so I will keep this post to impressions, which is fine since this movie made quite an impression. The film begins on an action packed note that continues throughout, and any possible lulls in the film are there for story telling purposes. As a big time Star Wars fan, I welcomed the slow downs as I watched very closely for the deeper story, but the action was never too far around the next corner. The Force Awakens is a perfect example of how other franchises should model their sequels, it takes all of the spectacular elements of the prior movies and builds on them without losing touch with its roots. The Force Awakens has the ability to stand on its own as a great film without relying on the past of the franchise. The Star Wars movies are well know for throwing in surprises, and while this newest film had its share of surprises, I left the theatre with just as many questions as I had answered in the film. I definitely recommend this movie to any Star Wars fans who still haven’t seen it, and to all movie goers. It has been hours since I saw this film and I already can’t wait to see it again, hopefully the writers will be able to continue the strong storytelling in the impending sequels.