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A pier is a disappointed bridge.

― Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot

I really enjoy this quote, it is a bit nonsensical but it gets an interesting point across if it is taken a certain way. A pier looks like an unfinished bridge, and something that is unfinished is usually a disappointment. The thing about a pier is that it was made to serve a purpose, it may not go as far as a bridge but that is because it isn’t meant to get you across the pond, it is meant to give a path to a boat. This quote can be seen in two different ways, on the one hand the pier can be a task or a goal, if you set out to complete a bridge and it ends up as a pier, then you will definitely be disappointed no mater what. On the other hand the pier can be seen as a person, we may have our aspirations to be a bridge, but if we end up as a pier we would be so disappointed that we would fail to realize that there is a greater purpose to a pier than to a bridge. A bridge has the ability to get a person or a vehicle to the other side, then its job is complete, but a pier can open up the entire world. A ship at a pier in a large enough body of water can connect to another pier that is miles away, far beyond the reaches of even the longest bridge, so even the disappointment of a pier can be much more than theof a success of a bridge. Life is full of successes and disappointments, but as long as you keep a level head and stick to the plan, even the biggest of disappointments can prove to be doorways to greater success.