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Body language is a very interesting part of human interaction, and in my opinion it is the most important. Human Communication can be split into verbal and nonverbal interactions, and body language can often tell much more than verbal communication. During a conversation there are cues that allow the participants to understand how to properly proceed, often times these cues are nonverbal, and it is up to the people in the conversation to decipher the meanings of the body language. Many people believe that conversations are mostly verbal, but it is important to look at body language as it often tells more of a story than spoken words. The reason I like to look closely at body language is because the body can not easily lie, it is easy for someone to forgo telling the truth, but in order to fake body language a person must train their body to do the opposite of how they actually feel. It is not easy to understand body language, and body language alone can not tell the full story of an individual’s motives, but when you are able to connect verbal and nonverbal cues you can get a wider picture of the actual reason for each interaction. Humans are quite interesting, we are possibly the only creatures that are able to purposely hide the motives of our communications, while still giving ourselves away with actions. The best way to effectively interact with others is to understand that we don’t speak with words alone, body language is an important aspect of communication that needs to be taken into consideration whenever responding to or starting any conversation.