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There are two weeks left in this football season, and as the year dwindles down so goes my chances of perfection. Last week was one of my best weeks yet as I managed to select 12 correct games out of the 16, and I hope to build on that success as I race towards a perfect week. This week starts with a Christmas Eve matchup of the Raiders and the Chargers, I expect the Raiders to start their Christmas on a happy note with a big win. Saturday’s game features two teams vying for the NFC East title, with the Eagles facing the Redskins. I expect the Eagles to win the game and to keep their playoff chances alive. On the Sunday after Christmas the NFL gave to me, a full slate of action packed games. In the first Sunday game the Dolphins will defeat the Colts in a close one, the Buccaneers will defeat the Bears, and the Chiefs will dismantle the Browns in a blowout. In a northeastern grudge match between the Jets and the Patriots, I expect the Patriots to come home with a win. The Cowboys will defeat the Bills, the Panthers will beat the Falcons by a large margin, and the Lions will defeat the 49ers. The Texans will defeat the Titans in a shockingly playoff relevant game, and the Steelers will defeat their long time rival Ravens. The late afternoon games look to be quite exciting, even though all of the teams playing are not in playoff contention. In the first game, the electrifying Jaguars offense will win big against the porous Saints defense, the second game will be a defensive battle but the stronger Seahawks will defeat the Rams, and in the final afternoon matchup the Cardinals will defeat the Packers in a very close game. The Sunday night game features the Vikings and the Giants, and while my head wants to pick the Vikings, I must go with my fandom and choose the Giants, hopefully they can keep the playoff hope alive. In the final game of the week, we have a Monday night matchup of the Bengals and the Broncos, while both of these teams are playoff bound, injuries have considerably hurt their team depth. I expect the Broncos to win this game due to their strong defense, however this game will have an incredibly low combined score. There is only one week to go after this one, I think this week seems like a perfect time for a perfect week. Merry Christmas Everyone, enjoy the games.