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St. Patrick’s Day is about more than just getting pinched for not wearing green, and college students getting blackout drunk. Today is a day of celebration for the Irish culture, and it is quite a proud culture, despite what the holiday has seemingly become. There are many myths about St. Patrick that are widely spread as fact but one thing that is unmistakably true, is that he was a missionary to Ireland. While St. Patrick is famously linked to Ireland, there are many facts that revelers at the parades are extremely unaware of, one is that St. Patrick is also the patron saint of Nigeria, that is why I make sure to wear my Nigeria shirt whenever this day rolls around in order to raise awareness. Another thing that is a bit more known about St Patrick, but is quickly becoming forgotten is that he was British, at least by origin, and he was brought to Ireland at a young age. The overall story of St Patrick has been spread for years from stories of him coming to Ireland as a slave, to the banishment of the snakes from the island. To this day many refute some of the tales of St. Patrick, but one thing is certain, whoever he was and whatever he did, St. Patrick made a huge impact on the Irish community and the world at large, the celebration of this day is one of the largest feast days of any saint and his impact will continue to be known as long as these celebrations continue to thrive.