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During this past weekend of football there were some fantastic games, and there was no game more interesting than the game between the undefeated Panthers and the Giants. The Giants were down by 28 points in the second half, and they managed to fight back to tie the game in the fourth quarter, ultimately to lose the game by three points. Aside from the action going on during the actual matchup, there was quite a brawl going on between two of the stars of the game. Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman seemed to be having their own personal battle, which led to multiple personal foul penalties and dozens of penalty yards. There is speculation about the events that caused all of this animosity and while no official report has been made available publicly, the outcome of the game’s extracurricular activities will be the one game suspension of Odell Beckham. The Giants will be missing their most explosive offensive weapon for a crucial Sunday night game, and I don’t think the NFL correctly assessed the situation before handing down the punishment. I understand that the league wants to show that they do not play favorites when it comes to punishing players, but they already failed in proving this point by allowing Odell to complete the game. Both Norman and Beckham should have been ejected from the game on Sunday, but since the NFL wanted to keep its stars on the field they allowed these players to literally fight each other throughout the game. Perhaps it is due to poor officiating, or a lack of control by coaches, but these players should have been dealt with before the league had a chance to step in. I know that I am speaking from the point of view of a Giants fan, and that I am personally upset with the fact that Beckham will miss a game, but I think the league should have at least punished both players for their roles in this scuffle if anyone at all. I don’t condone the actions of Beckham, but I do believe that it takes two to fight, and the fact that the league only punished one combatant is a bit alarming. The NFL needs to better instruct their officiating crews when it comes to fights on the field, if the league doesn’t want players in this already brutal sport to fight, then they must start ejecting them before the fights escalate. The NFL is a contact sport and players get emotionally heated, I don’t think a suspension is warranted in most cases, especially when two players are allowed to “duke it out” all game long. Hopefully Beckham will win his appeal this week, or else Sunday’s Giants game will be much less interesting and competitive.